As designers we are equipped with the ability to see problems, opportunities, connections and solutions.  We assure you this ability is not limited to only the design.




Designing has always been a passion, that is evident within my life choices. Working hard to obtain the 1st class degree, commuting 3 hours a day to refine my design skills, I can now confidently say I am a designer. 

My work as a specialist in retail design led to my involvement with some of the world’s leading global brands. I seek to use my design skills to create vibrant and efficient physical environments which reflect my in-depth understanding of customer behaviour and experience.  

My passion for design has also led me to lecture at both Nottingham Trent University and the University of Lincoln on their Interior Architecture courses influencing the future of design.

Through INTO BEING I hope to bring the experience, expertise and design skills that were used in award-winning and international projects to a new range of clients.

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My experience is in concept design, planning and consultation after working for Architectural and Structural Engineering companies. I have developed an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of computer-aided-design (CAD) and the creation of proposal, technical and construction drawings.

Proficiency and understanding in these areas provides a vital link between initial design and final implementation of a project. It is this experience, coupled with a first class degree, that has lead me to education and teaching the next generation of designers.

Whether it be Interior Design, Product Design or CAD are my passion and I strive to inspire other people with these disciplines.