At INTO BEING we understand the uniqueness of each project and the need to adopt an appropriate approach. However, the design process we follow is carried out to varying degrees for each project.


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Each project requires some level of research and the ultimate aim of this stage is to fully understand you, your brand and your brief as client.

Research can cover many issues including the existing brand, product range, number of staff, users' tastes, trends, competition and much more. 


A bespoke strategy, developed using information gathered during the research stage, ensures the project meets customer requirements, fulfils the brief and meets criteria such as timescales, budgets and outcomes.  

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The foundations established by the strategy form the basis of the design process which has three stages: the initial, developed and final designs. This begins with conceptual explorations and ends with practical application. 

At the conclusion of each stage discussions with the client ensure that the project continues to meet with their expectations and that they are fully aware of progress and any developments.  


Many projects require specific technical development. INTO BEING works with a number of other companies who supply everything from structural advice to manufacturing. We ensure that the intent of the original design is retained throughout the technical stage, working closely with other bodies and ensuring that we and the client are involved in all decisions. 


Troubleshooting as a project moves on site is a point at which the original design intent can be lost. INTO BEING carries out this stage to ensure that this does not happen and the project can be completed as intended. 


 If you'd like to discuss our process and how it might help you please get in touch.